Board of County Commissioners
Regular Meeting
3/27/2012 9:00 AM
Government Center
John Law Ayers Room   20 N. Main Street   Brooksville, FL 34601
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Citizens' Comments
a. Burmann - HCUD Revenues Expenses Graphs
b. Purdy - Blueberry Festival Letter
RES-2012-37 : Resolution Ratifying Approval of Variance Petition Submitted by Connie Copeland (V1128)
a. V1128 Approval Resolution
b. Approved Resolution No. 2012-37
Budget Amendment Allocating Funds from Law Enforcement Trust Fund to Support Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
a. Letter from Sheriff
b. Letter from FL PDMP Foundation
c. Budget Amendment
d. BR 2012-1017
RES-2012-38 : Resolution Supporting Tampa Bay Partnership Regional Business Plan
a. 6331 resolution TBP
b. Approved Resolution No. 2012-38
Release of Performance Security and Commencement of Maintenance Period for Trillium Village C Phase 2A
a. Performance Bond Trillium V C Phase 2A
b. Maintenance Bond
RES-2012-39 : Resolution Proclaiming April 2012 as Water Conservation Month
a. 2012 Water Conservation Incentive Program
b. Proclaiming Water Conservation Month
c. Approved Resolution No. 2012-39
RES-2012-40 : Budget Resolution to Allocate Funding for Juvenile Dependency Drug Court Program
a. 38201 BR
b. BR 2012-1016
c. Approved Resolution No. 2012-40
RES-2012-41 : Resolution Proclaiming April 2012 as Donate Life Month
a. Donate Life Florida
b. LifeLink Request
c. Approved Resolution No. 2012-41
Appointment of Linda Prescott, Michael Liberton and Brian Hawkins to Environmentally Sensitive Lands Committee
a. Liberton application
b. Prescott application
c. Hawkins application
d. Public Comment - Palmieri
e. Copy of Appointment Letter and Certificate Liberton
f. Copy of Appointment Letter and Certificate Prescott
g. Copy of Appointment Letter and Certificate Hawkins
Amended Development Agreement to Change Entity from DBSI One Hernando Center North, LLC, to Flagstar Bank, FSB, and Extend Expiration Date
a. DBSI Agreement Extension Letter
b. Proposed Flagstar Bank FSB Development Agreement
c. Approved Development Agreement with Flagstar Bank FSB
Annual Local Government Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2011
a. AFR complete_FY11
b. Approved Annual Financial Report
RES-2012-42 : Resolution to Award Sheriff’s Office Fiscal Year 2011-12 State Homeland Security Grant
a. SHSGP Grant Agreement
b. FY 2011 SHSGP Award Letter
c. budget resolution
d. Approved Budget Resolution No. 2012-42
e. Approved Award Letter with DEM
f. Approved Subgrant Agreement with DEM
Applications for Tax Deeds on Properties with Tax Certificates Held by County
a. TitleCoLtr
b. List OutstandingTaxCert
c. application forms
d. Approved Applications for Tax Deeds
Revised Tower Operating Agreement with Federal Aviation Administration for Airport Traffic Control Tower
a. Tower Agreement 031412
b. Approved Tower Operating Agreement FAA
RES-2012-43 : Resolution Opposing House Bill 5301, Unfunded Mandate Concerning Disputed and Inaccurate Medicaid Costs
a. Resolution - HB5301 Medicaid Cost Sharing
b. Approved Resolution No. 2012-43
Satisfactions of Interim Disposal Special Assessment Liens to be Filed for Luis Riera and Ivelyn Santini ($155.09); and Hardutt Jaikaran ($251.86)
c. Approved Satisfaction of Lien Riera-Santini
d. Approved Satisfaction of Lien Jaikaran
Request from Health Department to Hold World’s Greatest Baby Shower Event at Health Department Facility
a. Worlds Greatest Baby Shower Event
RES-2012-44 : Resolution for Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church on the Occasion of their 105th Anniversary
a. Mt. Zion AME Anniversary
b. Approved Resolution No. 2012-44
Transmittal of List of Accounts Payable Disbursements for Week Ended March 9, 2012
a. BCC Check Register 03-09-12
Minutes of Feb 7, 2012 9:00 AM
Minutes of Mar 13, 2012 8:00 AM
Transmittal from Southwest Florida Water Management District of 2012 Consolidated Annual Report
a. 2012 SWFWMD Consolidated Annual Report
b. SWFWMD Letter_2012 CAR
c. SWFWMD Letter
Notice of Purchasing Policy Exceptions Approved for Payment for January 2012
a. Purchasing Exceptions Jan 12
b. VISA Exceptions Jan 12
Notice of Purchasing Policy Exception Approved for Payment for February 2012
a. Purchasing Exceptions Feb 12
b. VISA Exceptions Feb 12
Notice of Special Exception Use Permit Action Taken by Planning and Zoning Commission on March 12, 2012
a. se031212res
Notice of Conditional Use Permit Action Taken by Planning and Zoning Commission on March 12, 2012
a. cu031212res
Summary of Sign Requirements and Conditions within Code of Ordinances
a. Sign Requirements
RES-2012-45 : Variance Petition Submitted by John D. Masserio (RPOV 1101)
a. Application for RPOV 1101
b. Location Map for RPOV 1101
c. Landuse Map for RPOV1101
d. Photos for RPOV 1101
e. Resolution for Masserio RPOV 1101
f. Hardship Criteria for RPO
g. Masserio RPOV 1101 Hardship Analysis
h. RPOV Aerial and Boundary Survey - Staff
i. Approved Resolution No. 2012-45
j. Affidavit - Masserio Variance
k. Letter of Variance Approval
RES-2012-46 : Budget Resolution Recognizing Fiscal Year 2010-11 Actual Fund Balance
a. Balance Forward Cash 2012
b. Approved Budget Resolution No. 2012-46
Contract Award to Monster Transmission for Automobile and Light Truck Transmission Repairs (Yearly Estimate $25,000)
a. 12-T010 Awarded Contract
b. 12-T010 Bid Tabulation
c. 12-T010 Dept Award Memo
d. 12-B010 Agenda-Award
e. Approved Contract Monster Transmission
Contract Renewal with Thunder Bay Enterprises for Supply and Delivery of White Concrete Sand (Estimate $12,304)
a. 10-0027 Renewal Letter from Vendor
b. 10-0027 Renewal - Dept Memo
c. Approved Renewal Letter Thunder Bay Enterprises
Contract Renewal to Unifirst Corporation and Use of National Joint Powers Alliance Contract for Lease of Employee Uniforms (Estimate $80,000)
a. 12-P059 Agenda Award Memo
b. 12-P059 NJPA Contract
c. 12-P059 Supporting Documents
d. 12-P059 Price Comparsion
e. Approved Agreement Unifirst
f. Approved Contract Renewal Letter to UniFirst for Employee Uniform Leasing
Award of Contract to Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc., for Marvelwood Area Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit (Estimate $286,586.54)
a. 12-C054 Department Recommendation
b. 12-C054 Technical Evaluation Checklist
c. 12-C054 Bid Tab
d. 12-C054 Reference Checks
e. 12-C054 Bid Document (Final)
f. Approved Award Contract Goodwin Bros Marvelwood
g. Approved Construction Agreement Goodwin Bros Marvelwood MSBU
h. Approved Payment Bond - Goodwin Bros C054
Award of Contract to Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc., for Phillips Road Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit (Estimate $158,142.64)
a. 12-C055 Department Recommendation
b. 12-C055 Technical Evaluation Checklist
c. 12-C055 Bid Tab
d. 12-C055 Reference Check
e. 12-C055 Bid Document-Final
f. Approved Award Contract Goodwin Bros Phillips Rd
g. Approved Construction Agreement Goodwin Bros Phillips Rd MSBU
h. Approved Payment Bond - Goodwin Bros C055
Award of Contract to Goodwin Bros., Construction, Inc., for Flock Avenue, Flatwood Avenue and Lomita Wren Road Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit (Estimate $296,296.98)
a. 12-C056 Department Recommendation
b. 12-C056 Technical Evaluation Checklist
c. 12-C056 Bid Tab
d. 12-C056 Reference Checks
e. 12-C056 Bid Document-Final
f. Approved Award Contract Goodwin Bros Flock Flatwood Lomita Wren
g. Approved Construction Agreement Goodwin Bros Flock Flatwood Lomita MSBU
h. Approved Payment Bond - Goodwin Bros C056
RES-2012-47 : Award of Contract to Pave Rite, Inc., for Dogwood Estates Water System Upgrades (Estimate $578,710.04)
a. 11-B081 Department Recommendation
b. 11-B081 Technical Evaluation Checklist
c. 11-B081 Bid Tab
d. 11-B081 Reference Checks
e. 11-B081_Bid-Pave-Rite
f. loanrequest Dogwood
g. 11-B081 Contract
h. Budget Resolution
i. Approved Budget Resolution No. 2012-47
j. Approved Contract Pave-Rite
k. Approved Construction Contract Dogwood Estates Pave-Rite
l. Approved Performance and Payment Bond Pave-Rite
Contract Renewal to Sunstate Meter and Supply, Inc., for Provision of Radio Read Water Meters for Utilities Division ($2,295,000)
a. 6-051contract
b. 6-051 Dept Ren Memo 2012
c. 6-051 2012 contract extension letter
d. 6-051 Sunstate Price Guar Memo 2012
e. 6-051 2012 Att A Price Increase
f. 6-051 RADIO READ ANAL 2012 AGN
g. 6-05 Price Increase Doc
h. Public Comment - Burmann
Award of Contract to Ramcon, LLC, for West Hernando Branch Library Roof Replacement Project (Estimate $135,523)
a. 12-C030 Department Recommendation
b. 12-C030 Engineer's Recommendation Memo
c. 12-C030 Bid Tab
d. 12-C030 Reference Checks
e. 12-C030 Technical Evaluation Checklist
f. 12-C030_Bid-Ramcon
g. Approved Award Contract Ramcon LLC
h. Approved Construction Agreement Ramcon LLC
i. Approved Performance and Payment Bond Ramcon
Negotiation of Contract with Intuition Systems, Inc., d/b/a Bill2Pay, for Utility Division Remittance Processing Services
a. 12-T063 Bid Tab
b. 12-T063 Bid Document (Final)
c. 12-T063_Bid-Bill2Pay
One Month Extension of Contract for Lockbox Remittance Services to Intuition Systems, Inc.
a. 9-025 Extension Approval from Vendor
b. 9-025 K-Intuition
c. Approved Award Letter to Extend Bid2Pay Contract
Award of Contracts for Provision of Geotechnical Engineering Services to Central Testing Laboratory, Inc., and Professional Service Industries, Inc.
a. 11-R075 SuppDoc_Dept MemoMT6392
b. 11-R075A CTL Agreement 03222012
c. 11-R075B PSI Agreement 03222012
d. Approved Contract Professional Svc Industries
e. Approved Contract Central Testing Laboratory Inc
f. Approved Award Letter to Professional Svc Ind
g. Approved Award Letter to Central Testing Laboratory
Contract Award to Autoway Ford Lincoln and Flammer Ford for Automobile and Light Truck Preventative Service, Repairs and Parts (Yearly Estimate $45,000)
a. 12-T009 Dept Award Memo
b. 12-B009TAB
c. 12-B009 Agenda-Award
d. 12-T009 Contract Autoway
e. 12-T009 Contract Flammer
f. Approved Award Contract Autoway Ford Lincoln
g. Approved Award Contract Flammer Ford
Subordination Agreement of Mortgage for Michelle L. and Jay A. Thompson under Homeownership Down Payment Assistance Program
a. 03012012 Memo
b. Commitment for Title Insurance
c. FHA Commitment Letter
d. Second Mortgage
e. Subordination Agreement
f. Underwriting Documents
g. legal approved Subordination Agreement
h. Approved Subordination Agreement Thompson
Subordination Agreement of Mortgage Under Down Payment Assistance Program for James Goodworth, Jr.
a. 03022012 Memo
b. Notioce of Conditional Approval
c. Second Mortgage
d. Title Insurance
e. Underwriting Documents
f. Subordination Agreement
g. Approved Subordination Agreement Goodworth
Short Sale Request Submitted by Daniel E. Baxter under Homeownership Down Payment Assistance Program
a. 03152012 Memo
b. As Is Contract
c. Attorney Letter
d. Bank of America Pay Off Demand
e. Modification of Mortgage
f. Second Mortgage
g. Uniform Residential Appraisal
Annual Contract Renewal with BayCare Behavioral Health (The Harbor), for Mental Health Services
a. contract FY2011-2012
b. Mental Health Baycare Contract 2011-2012
c. Approved Contract BayCare Behavioral Health
Purchase of Global Positioning System Landfill Package System from Ring Power Corporation
a. Approved Invoice From RingPower for Landfill Equipment
Interlocal Agreement between Property Appraiser and Environmental Services Divison for Joint Implementation of Central Geographic Information System Services
a. PA_HCUD GIS Interlocal agreement bcc 3.27.12
b. Bud Amend-GIS 2012
c. BR 2012-1018
d. Approved InterLocal Supplement Property Appraiser GIS
Amendment 2 to State Revolving Fund Loan Agreement and Amendment 1 to State Revolving Fund Loan Agreement (Companion Loan) to Department of Environmental Protection for The Glen Sub-Regional Water Reclamation Facility
a. Amendment # 2 for SRF Loan WW270130
b. Amendment # 1 for SRF Loan WW270131
c. Approved Amendment 1 SRF DEP
d. Approved Amendment 2 SRF DEP
Presentation Regarding Hernando Beach Channel Dredge Project
Pre-Paid Impact Fees Scheduled to Sunset June 2, 2012
a. Ordinance 2011-8 Pre-paid impact fees
b. Pre-paid Impact Fee Balances 2011 to 2012
Final Pay Request to Bridge Masters Construction, LLC, for Bridge Repairs
a. 030812-BridgeMasters-1-001
Designation of Old Trilby Road and Orchard Way/Christine Lane as Test Roads for Alternative Surface Treatment Program
a. Old Trilby Rd
b. Orchard Way
c. cost estimate material
Table Consideration to Revoke Licenses Held by Heritage Operating, L.P., d/b/a Heritage Propane for Propane Storage Tanks on County Property

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