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SE1720 - Dallas Latham:
Special Exception Use Permit for the Parking of Commercial Vehicles and Equipment; South side of Sorrel Street, approximately 830' east of Salome Street


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Special Exception Use Permit for Parking of Commercial Vehicles and Equipment


General Location:

South side of Sorrel Street, approximately 830' east of Salome Street


Meeting History

Feb 12, 2018 9:00 AM Video Planning and Zoning Regular Meeting

Representative: Dallas Latham

Mr. DePablo introduced the petition. It is recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission approve the petitioner’s request for a Special Exception Use Permit for Parking of Commercial Vehicles and Equipment, with the following performance conditions:

1. The petitioner must obtain all permits from Hernando County and other applicable agencies and meet all applicable land development regulations, for either construction or use of the property, and complete all applicable development review processes.

2. The parking area for the roll-off containers shall meet the minimum building setbacks of the agricultural zoning district.

3. No customers shall be permitted onsite.

4. A 6' opaque fence shall be provided around the entire parking area for the roll-off containers in order to provide for visual screening from neighboring parcels and rights-of-way.

5. There shall be no onsite storage of debris.

6. Onsite signage shall not be permitted.

7. The operation shall be limited to the 97' by 39' parking area. Any expansion of the parking area will require a revision to the special exception use permit.

Dallas Latham, representing the petition, under oath, asked to park commercial vehicles and equipment on his five acre Agricultural zoned property. He described the roll-off container rental operation while displaying a photo of the containers and explained the customer contact was through the internet and phone. He agreed with the staff recommendations.

Under public comment, Karen Blair under oath, stated that she lives nearby. She objected to the operations and dumpsters stored onsite and asked if a stockade fence could be erected to block the view.

Mr. Lathan addressed the controversy of the lettered advertising on the sides of the containers. He described in detail the truck, 12 foot trailer, and 12 foot by 8 foot roll-off containers in detail while displaying photos of each via overhead projection and discussed his operations in further detail.

Responding to questions posed by the Commission, Mr. Lathan confirmed that the containers are cleaned offsite. Mr. Lathan asked if foliage on fabric screening between fence posts could be used rather than fencing. Mr. Pianta clarified that the fence was required but landscaping could be placed in front of the fence.

Motion: A motion was made to approve the Special Exception Use Permit per staff recommendations.

MOVER:Ronald Cohen, Regular Member
SECONDER:John Scharch, Regular Member
AYES:Lynn Gruber-White, Ronald Cohen, Denis Riley, John Scharch, W. Steven Hickey