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CU1707 - Rebecca Medeiros:
Conditional Use Permit for a Second Residence; Southeast corner of High Corner Road and Wildlife Lane


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Conditional Use Permit for a Second Residence


General Location:

Southeast corner of High Corner Road and Wildlife Lane


Meeting History

Nov 13, 2017 9:00 AM Video Planning and Zoning Regular Meeting

Representative: Rebecca Medeiros

Mr. DePablo introduced the petition. It is recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission determine whether a hardship exists; if such a determination is made, the Planning and Zoning Commission may approve the request for a second residence for a period of up to two (2) years. If approved, the conditional use permit should be contingent upon the following:

1. The petitioner must obtain all permits from Hernando County and other applicable agencies and meet all applicable land development regulations, for either construction or use of the property, and complete all applicable development review processes.

2. The petitioner shall remove the second residence upon termination of the permit, or when the hardship no longer exists.

3. The conditional use permit shall expire on November 13, 2019.

Rebecca Medeiros, representing the petition, under oath, agreed with the staff report.

The following people spoke under oath regarding the petition: Ray Bowers at 7323 High Corner Road and Roger Bowmer at 27987 Bowmer Trail questioned the use of the second residence, discussed another second dwelling on the property, and asked that the petition be denied.

Mrs. Medeiros stated that the second residence was for her 80-year-old grandmother. It was not feasible to restore the other second dwelling to habitable conditions.

Chairman Gruber-White stated that the applicant had provided a physician’s letter which qualifies for this type of permit. Mr. DePablo outlined that the conditional use permit would be for a two year period at which time the applicant would have to reapply and the structure would have to be temporary in nature.

Responding to questions posed by the Commission, Mr. Pianta reviewed the County’s follow-up process for conditional use permits for a second residence when the permit expires. He was unaware of any situation where a second residence had been converted into a rental property. Only one conditional use permit is granted per parcel. Ms. Medeiros clarified that a single-wide mobile home previously on the property had been removed.

Motion: A motion was made to determine a hardship exists and to approve the Conditional Use Permit for a period up to two years with the performance conditions contained in the staff report.

MOVER:John Scharch, Regular Member
SECONDER:Alia Qureshi, Vice Chairman
AYES:Lynn Gruber-White, Alia Qureshi, Thomas Comunale, John Scharch, Ronald Cohen