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H1717 - Charles E. Garris TTEE:
Master Plan Revision on property zoned PDP(SF)/Planned Development Project (Single Family) with deviations; East side of the intersection of Old Trilby Road and Lockhart Road


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Master Plan Revision on property zoned PDP(SF)/Planned Development Project (Single Family) with deviations


General Location:

East side of the intersection of Old Trilby Road and Lockhart Road


Meeting History

Nov 13, 2017 9:00 AM Video Planning and Zoning Regular Meeting

Representative: Donald Lacey, AICP, Sr. VP, Coastal Engineering Associates Inc.

Mr. DePablo introduced the petition. It is recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission recommend the Board of County Commissioners adopt a resolution approving the petitioner’s request for a Master Plan Revision on property zoned PDP(SF)/Planned Development Project (Single Family) with Deviations, with the following performance conditions:

1. The petitioner must obtain all permits from Hernando County and other applicable agencies and meet all applicable land development regulations, for either construction or use of the property, and complete all applicable development review processes.

2. The development is approved for a maximum of 430 single family detached homes with a minimum lot size of 4,800 square feet.

3. Minimum Perimeter Building Setbacks:

Lockhart Road: 75'

Proposed Old Trilby Road Ext: 35' (no deviation)

South: 25'

I-75: 75' (no deviation)

Minimum Single Family Building Setbacks: Front: 20'; Side: 5'; Rear: 15'

4. Old Trilby Road must be developed concurrent with the project phases at the developer’s expense.

5. A minimum of 80' of right-of-way shall be provided for the Old Trilby Road extension for the full length of the project site along the north property line.

6. The development shall provide 80' of right-or-way for Lockhart Road eastward of the existing center line to contribute to a total road right-of-way width of 160'.

7. Dedications shall not be eligible of road impact fee credits, road impact surcharge fee credits or other compensations in accordance with the requirements of the I-75/SR 50 PDD Area Plan.

8. Hickory Hill, LLC, has the responsibility to rebuild, and potentially to provide for interim structural improvements to, Lockhart Road adjacent to Trilby Crossing at the time set forth in the Hickory Hill DRI Development Order. In the event that Trilby Crossing reaches its two hundred and first (201st) residential building permit and that portion of Lockhart Road extending from Trilby Crossing's project entrance to SR 50 has not been rebuilt or structurally improved (i.e. reasonable and necessary base repairs and up to 2 ½ inch asphalt structural overlay on top of the existing surface) and the County Engineer makes a determination that such roadway is failing, then the County may refuse to issue further building permits within Trilby Crossing until such time as that portion of Lockhart Road has been structurally improved. Nothing herein shall prevent the Developers from entering into a separate agreement with Hickory Hill, LLC to expedite the necessary improvements or making interim improvements on its own as determined necessary by the County Engineer. In the event the Developer elects to contribute to/perform the necessary improvements under this provision, such contribution or incurrence shall not be eligible for roads impact fee credits.

9. The pro rata cost attributable to the County performing surface treatments and repairs to substandard roadways in the I75/SR50 PDD assigned to Trilby Crossing based upon its projected impacts shall be $30.00 per dwelling unit. These amounts shall be paid in lump sum to the County for each Project no later than the County’s issuance of the one hundred and first (101st) residential building permit for each project.

10. The developer shall be required to provide a Transportation Analysis at the time of conditional platting to determine if intersection improvements are necessary at Lockhart Road/SR 50 (Cortez Blvd.) and Lockhart Road/Old Trilby Road in accordance with previous stipulations from the Hernando County Traffic Engineering Division dated May 21, 2007.

11. Each Developer within the PDD, shall design and locate sidewalks and/or trails in a manner which insures appropriate stub-outs along the perimeters of such Project for inter-connectivity with adjoining properties and shall delineate the same on all construction drawings.

12. The petitioner shall disclose to future residents that Florida Classic Park conducts events throughout the year.

13. The petitioner shall provide a wildlife survey, prepared by a qualified professional prior to any development occurring on the property. Furthermore, copies of any required permits shall be provided prior to the issuance of development permits by Hernando County.

14. The development shall meet the requirements for a neighborhood park as required by the County’s LDRs.

15. The petitioner shall provide a treed boulevard entrance in accordance with the County LDRs.

16. Geotechnical subsurface testing and reporting in accordance with the County’s Facility Design Guidelines shall be conducted for all Drainage Retention Areas (DRA) within the proposed project.

17. The property must apply for and receive a Finding of School Capacity from the School District prior to the approval of the conditional plat or the functional equivalent. The County will only issue a certificate of concurrency for schools upon the School District’s written determination that adequate school capacity will be in place or under actual construction within three (3) years after the issuance of subdivision approval or site plan approval (or functional equivalent) for each level of school without mitigation, or with the execution of a legally binding proportionate share mitigation agreement between the applicant, the school board and the county.

18. Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) principles shall be used for landscaping within the development.

19. The development shall enter into a Water and Sewer Agreement with the County to mitigate any impacts from the development and ensure that the necessary utility improvements are in place to serve the development.

20. The development shall comply with the requirements of the I-75/SR 50 area plan for the mitigation of infrastructure impacts.

21. The mitigation of fire impacts shall be assessed at the time of conditional platting through the assessment of separate mitigation payments based upon a determination of need by the Fire Department.

22. The petitioner shall provide a master plan in compliance with all of the performance conditions within 30 calendar days of BCC approval. Failure to submit the revised plan will result in no further development permits being issued.

Donald Lacey, representing the petition, under oath, gave an historical overview of the property and surrounding area, and discussed the general concept of the proposal while reviewing the site plan via overhead projection. He stated they concurred with the staff recommendations. However, they would be meeting with the County Engineering Department to further discuss condition #8 prior to the December 12, 2017, Board of County Commissioners hearing as the original developers were no longer involved with the Hickory Hill property. He will also be meeting with the School District regarding school capacity.

There was no public comment.

Responding to questions posed by the Commission, Mr. Pianta explained that condition #8 had been taken directly from the approved development agreement and advised that the P&Z could move forward with a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Should the applicant and the County Engineering Department mutually agree to change the language in condition #8, Staff would present the modified language to the Board for their public hearing.

Mr. Pianta discussed the history of large development projects approved in the I-75/

SR 50 Planned Development District (PDD) area and the responsibility of infrastructure improvements by the various developers. Based upon the lack of development currently occurring, the envisioned traffic capacity along Lockhart Road has changed. Some improvements will need to be done, but the applicant desires to revisit the extent of the improvements required under condition #8. Mr. Lacey concurred.

Comm. Cohen questioned if the $30 per unit rate under condition #9 was appropriate or if it should be related to the inflation rate. Mr. Pianta explained the condition was from the development agreement; its purpose was to provide revenue for the Department of Public Works to do interim road improvements as the multiple large projects in the I75/SR 50 PDD area moved forward. Mr. Pianta opined that it is still a fair rate.

Mr. Lacey discussed the 430 single family homes in condition #2 and the setbacks listed in condition #3 in response to questions posed by Comm. Qureshi.

Discussion ensued regarding condition #8, the associated development agreement, the Hickory Hill project maintaining an approved development status through extensions which includes any successors of the original developers, and the various approved projects in the I-75/SR 50 PDD area.

Mr. Lacey answered questions posed by the Commission regarding drainage features of the property, anticipated traffic patterns in the area, and the change of the housing market towards smaller homes and lots. Mr. Pianta answered questions concerning traffic impact fees, lots sizes and densities.

Motion: A motion was made to recommend approval to the Board of County Commissioners per staff recommendations with the understanding that the applicant will meet with the County Engineering Department regarding condition #8 prior to the Board of County Commissioners hearing.

MOVER:Ronald Cohen, Regular Member
SECONDER:Alia Qureshi, Vice Chairman
AYES:Lynn Gruber-White, Alia Qureshi, Thomas Comunale, John Scharch, Ronald Cohen