Hernando County

Agenda Item

Designation of Amity Trails Park as Adopt-A-Park Program Project



Financial Impact

Parks and Recreation Budget would see an un-budgeted increase of $9,500.00 with an estimated cost of $5K in initial clean-up cost, annual mowing contract of $3K, (1) once a week dumpster pick up of $1,500.00 for a total budget impact of $9,500.00. This would not include any staff time and equipment use beyond initial Park clean up.


Parks and Recreation has been approached by County resident, Kayla Madril, who would like to see Amity Trails cleaned up and re-opened as a community park.  Amity Trails has been closed as a community park since 2011.  The Parks and Recreation Department does not service this park on a daily or weekly basis.


Kayla is requesting Parks and Recreation perform the initial cleanup of the park, with mowing, trimming and cutting away of any large debris.  After this has been done, Kayla will spearhead a group of classmates, friends and other contacts to help maintain the park, keep it clear of trash, and keep the park maintained by scheduling cleanup days.  She is asking to make this one of the County's “Adopt-a-Park” program.  Kayla will also be using this project for community service hours toward her IP and Bright Futures volunteer hours she is required to obtain.

Meeting History

Dec 5, 2017 9:00 AM Video Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting


To approve the park for the parks department.

MOVER:Jeff Holcomb, Commissioner
SECONDER:Steve Champion, Vice Chairman
AYES:Wayne Dukes, Steve Champion, John Allocco, Jeff Holcomb, Nicholas W. Nicholson