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Budget Resolution for Funds Associated With US 19 Reclaimed Water Project


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Financial Impact

Revenue and expenditure accounts for this project under the Capital Fund 4144 will be reduced by $1,367,569.00, which was spent in FY17, and remaining balances will be allocated to Fund 4144, Department #33001 (new grant department) in the following accounts: Revenue accounts #3896501 (St Grant-DEP), 3897501 (SWFWMD-Match RCW), 3899090 (Balance Forward Cash) and expenditure account #5666590 (CIP-HCRCW Dist Sys Phase 1).


This budget resolution is to reduce the FY18 budget for the Hernando County Reclaimed Water - U.S. 19 Project by the FY17 expenditure amount of $1,367,569.00, and to allocate the FY18 budgeted funds to the appropriate accounts under the HCUD Capital Fund 4144, new grant department, Department No. 33001.

Meeting History

Dec 5, 2017 9:00 AM Video Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Steve Champion, Vice Chairman
SECONDER:Jeff Holcomb, Commissioner
AYES:Wayne Dukes, Steve Champion, John Allocco, Jeff Holcomb, Nicholas W. Nicholson