Hernando County

Agenda Item

Annual Mosquito Control Contractual Services Agreement and Certified Budget With State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Related to FY 2017-18 Funding Request for Mosquito Control Operations


Department:Mosquito ControlSponsors:
Category:StateFunctions:1181-36011-Mosquito Control State 1

Financial Impact

The budget requested for Mosquito Control in FY 17/18 is $1,012,117 (Includes $97,500 in funds from State appropriated Enhanced Surveillance Lab) for Local fund 1171 and $60,835 for State fund 1181.


To receive State appropriated funds for arthropod control in Hernando County, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) requires a contract agreement with each county making the request for state aid.  This contract agreement spells out the statutory requirements for compliance when receiving state funded aid, as well as the various forms that are required to report the use of state and local funds.  The Mosquito Control Department has been receiving state aid for many years, and has again requested State funds for the FY 2017/18 budget.  According to the contract agreement, it requires execution by the Board of County Commissioners and must be signed and returned to the State.  Staff is requesting Board approval for the Chairperson to execute the attached agreement for FY 2017/18.

Meeting History

Nov 14, 2017 9:00 AM Video Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Steve Champion, Vice Chairman
SECONDER:John Allocco, Second Vice Chairman
AYES:Wayne Dukes, Steve Champion, John Allocco, Nicholas W. Nicholson
ABSENT:Jeff Holcomb