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Hernando/Citrus Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Citizen Appointments


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Current membership of the Hernando/Citrus Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of nine (9) members appointed by the MPO.  The CAC is composed of volunteer members from the community and/or agency designees who have technical, professional and/or personal interests in evaluating and proposing solutions from a citizens' perspective concerning alternative transportation proposals and critical issues.


Four (4) current member positions will expire on December 31, 2017. The members are from the following jurisdictions:  Unincorporated - Citrus County, Unincorporated - Hernando County, Low Income and/or Minority Representative - Citrus County, and Public Transit User - Citrus County.  At this time, four (4) applications have been received;  two (2) Unincorporated - Hernando County, one (1) Unincorporated Citrus County, and (1) Low Income and/or Minority.  These applications are attached for your review.


The City of Crystal River and Low Income and/or Minority Representative - Hernando County remain vacant.