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Consultant Work Scope - 2018 Hernando County Traffic Count Updates and Intersection Analysis


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Financial Impact

Funds in the amount of $14,056.20 are budgeted in Dept/Acct 34050-5303107. GMS #204, PL Contract G0D09.


Traffic data is routinely obtained for input into the Congestion Management Process (CMP) which provides an annual ‘snapshot’ of the congestion levels on the classified road network.  This information is an invaluable tool that delivers feedback on how and where to more effectually allocate resources. The attached Consultant Work Scope of Services in the amount of $14,056.20, will enable the MPO’s general planning consultant, Tindale Oliver, Inc., to provide count data at thirteen (13) locations throughout Hernando County, and the level-of-service analysis of an urban corridor.


It is noted that via a multi-year agreement, the MPO contracts directly with Citrus County to provide count data for the northern section of the MPO study area. A separate interlocal agreement relating to the Annual Traffic County Program with Citrus County is also on the 12/13/17 MPO meeting agenda.


Funds for consultant services are budgeted in the MPO Budget, Department 34050 (PL Funding).